o'keeffe daphnia

This piece was published at Bartleby Snopes.

I first learned about the journal after trying to cut the above piece down to a thousand words so that it would qualify as “flash fiction,” giving up, then learning that the editors here graciously offer a bonus two hundred words.  Success!  Plus, they have popular-vote writing contests: K really enjoys a 2014 winner, “Slurpie Safari” by Sorrel Westbrook-Wilson, which you should check out if you’ve ever suffered through demeaning menial employment.

Oh, and, in case you’re curious: yup, Worm Runner’s Digest was a real… okay, real-ish… academic journal.  The journal’s founder, James McConnell, collected data suggesting physiological transfer of memory.  These data can’t be correct, because memory doesn’t work that way, but his data were real; he was not intentionally leading anyone astray.  And his manual on planarian handling is lovely, conveying the message that you, too, can study flatworms.  Even (perhaps especially) if it’s for an elementary school science fair.

And perhaps there’s some benefit to providing links for the other aspect of the story.