F. C. Brown CloudFrank Brown Cloud teaches creative writing in the Monroe County Jail and serves as director of the Indiana Prisoners’ Writing Workshop, an offshoot of the Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project. He has published essays, stories, and research in journals such as The Coachella Review, The Offing, Stirring, and The Journal of Cell Biology. He also writes a weekly essay column for this website covering topics such as contemporary literature, scientific research, social justice, economics, philosophy, feminism, and parenting. He is currently seeking representation for his first novel.

Brown Cloud was educated at Northwestern, where he studied chemistry, economics, and creative writing (B.A. 2005), and at Stanford, where he studied physical chemistry and cellular biology (Ph.D. 2011). He received numerous grants for his scientific research but now devotes his time to advocating for the voiceless.

Brown Cloud lives in Bloomington, Indiana with his wife, an award-winning science teacher, and young children. In addition to his work on social justice causes (primarily prisoner rehabilitation and animal welfare), he serves as an assistant coach for the local high school track and cross country teams.

Sixteen beloveds (alphabetically by author):

Roberto Bolano – The Savage Detectives
Mikhail Bulgakov – Master and Margarita
William Burroughs – Queer
Anne Carson – Autobiography of Red
E.L Doctorow – Ragtime
Fyodor Dostoyevski – The Idiot
Joseph Heller – Catch 22
Kerry Howley – Thrown
Haruki Murakami – Dance Dance Dance
Yuri Oleasha – Envy
Sergio De La Pava – A Naked Singularity
Robert Penn Warren – All the King’s Men
Padgett Powell – Edisto
Marcel Proust – In Search of Lost Time
Mary Shelly – Frankenstein
Patty Smith – Just Kids

Photo credit: Peter Voskuil.