The internet is like a celestial messenger. Through the internet, we send thoughts and intentions to an incorporeal realm; at times our wishes are granted and physical change manifests in the world around us.

We pray, & Hermes hears, & Zeus grants us aid.

We pay, & a cascade of warehouse employees & delivery workers are given new instruction, & a package arrives.


Agni is a god. Agni is also fire, mouth of all the gods, that the offerings we burn might reach them.

Agni, as fire, represents knowledge. Many peoples have told stories about the origin of fire; most such stories are essentially the tale of humanity acquiring power and dominion over the world around us, and the attendant devastation that our ascent has wrought.


Joe Camel was designed to help hook kids on smoking. Even if Joe himself is innocent, villains definitely employed him in their machinations. Joe Camel made the world worse.

But even a patsy has prayers. Joe sends them to his gods with fire.