For over a century, prominent scholars believed that Kavouras worship celebrates the first crab, an ancient crustacean queen whom they supposed had unveiled the two-fold path: Mastery of the world through exoskeletal armor, and Claws. With this body morph, any animal might find greatness.

The creatures of Earth have listened. Among inhabitants of our terrestrial sphere, five lineages have followed the convergent path to crab. Thus do human adherents refer to themselves (perhaps overambitiously) as Hexads.

However, most contemporary theologians now believe that Kavouras represents not the first but rather the last crab. Kavouras in all her glory will inhabit the ensorcelled shell of the final individual to become crab. Once our planet has reached perfection, brimming exclusively with pincered forms, then and only then shall Kavouras rise and rule us.

Devotees adorn themselves with gold discs stamped with the Zodiacal sigil of Cancer, the Crab, although these cause confusion during orgiastic congregations with outsiders — many human Hexads actually eschew antiparallel oral pleasure entirely, as such activities will be anatomically infeasible once our species attains the evolutionary perfection of crab.