Devotion to Hoohn is one of our world’s first mirror cults among land-based animals. Though a great many deities reaped praise from terrestrial life in prior epochs, those were years of heterocredence, with lizards celebrating bird lords, birds making sacrifice to ancient oaks, and devout trees singing psalms to a spherical fire god.

When Hoohn unveiled herself in pebble form, the people saw that the ground itself was stamped with their own image, and therefore Hoohn’s. Their god had made many creatures, but, having seen the pebble, they knew themselves to be Hoohn’s chosen ones.

This cult eventually dwindled, with the last of their sacred congregations occurring approximately three million years ago in the Makapan’s Valley cavern — a great hall that gathered thousands. Though the mental imagery underlying these people’s worship was largely self-idolatrous, Hoohn graced them with love. Would that our own autotheism endure so long.